Friday, 12 January 2018

OGI total passes 370,000 data sets!

Today's update of 410 additional data sets has pushed the total over 370,000!  Now my goal is to reach 400,000 by the end of the year.

I hope you are all having a good 2018 so far and finding some time to research your ancestors.  The OGI continues to save hours of time by showing me exactly which sites have the data I need.

I enjoyed using the GRO Index this past week to verify some maiden names and find missing children (who were born and died inbetween censuses) so I have decided to create a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the GRO Index.  That will be uploaded to the blog this month.

This weeks updates include the first part of the FamilySearch Lincolnshire Parish Registers collection which is slow going as each place (and there are over 600 parishes in that county) need to be manually searched and the start and end date ranges tested.  The first batch added to the OGI today is 108 parishes, 508 left to check!  I will upload another section next week.  This allows you to know if your Lincolnshire ancestors from a specific place are included in this collection by searching for the town in the OGI.

The Norfolk Baptisms Project site has added another set of baptism transcripts from Norfolk, namely Ovington, St John the Evangelist from 1813-1880.

There are also new collections added to the OGI from Findmypast:

The Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions 1600-1900's Image Browse includes 14,000 headstone transcriptions for 260 Norfolk cemeteries.

The Lancashire, Oldham Cemetery Registers 1797-2004 Image Browse which guides you immediately to the films you need to view cemetery and burial registers along with other related material for the city and suburbs of Oldham.

The Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions 1485-2014 collection has been updated to include date ranges for each of its 23 cemeteries.  

Findmypast also announced the addition of the Wiltshire parish baptisms index 1538-1917 collection but, yet again, this is not new and has been on their site for a number of months already.  I have asked them why they do this and their answer was they wanted to "highlight" existing collections.  Fair enough, but I don't think they should be marketed as "New Records".  It is misleading and untrue.

Rootsweb are still recovering from their security concerns and according to an update on 9th Jan, they are trying to activate a lot of personal genealogical sites a few hundred at a time.  More info here.  If you find a reference to a rootsweb site on the OGI and you cannot see the correct content, remember to use the amazing Internet Archive Wayback Machine that can show you backed up copies of websites.  The OGI actually includes 1,939 sites which are no longer online thanks to the Wayback Machine!  I am unaware of any other genealogical website offering links to dead sites.  If you find some which are not included on the OGI, please let me know!

I hope the new additions will be of use to you and will add to your research resources.

Best wishes for a successful week of genealogical research!

Tim Manners

Friday, 5 January 2018

First additions of 2018!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

This weeks new additions brings the data set total to 369,757 and includes the following:

England, Cheshire School Records, 1782-1950 from Findmypast (120 sets of school records).  These often include the student's full name, birth date and father's name.  This collection has been available for a while on for free but now Findmypast has released the same data.  This is an example of where data was exchanged between the two organizations.  The advantage for us all is more paid collections appear for free on!  All locations have been added to

FamilySearch has released the collection, England, Surrey Parish Registers, 1536-1992.  I have spent many hours going through this in detail to determine which parishes and year ranges are available and these have now been added to  I will be doing the same for the new England, Lincolnshire, Parish Registers, 1538-1990.

And, as usual, I have caught the new entries added over Christmas to the thorough Norfolk Baptisms Project site which is indexing all baptisms throughout Norfolk between 1813 and 1880. (see Tinstaafl Transcripts).  This past weeks addition was Hindringham, St Martin.

Have a great January!  I hope to add more records to the site for your research this month and will add a new blog entry with details each time that occurrs.  

If anyone has electronic copies of transcriptions, graveyard surveys, etc and is willing to share them with the world, they can be hosted by!  Just contact me at with details. 

Thanks for your support and use of the site!

Happy hunting (for ancestors),


Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Welcome to the OGI Blog!

After 3 years of the Online Genealogical Index, a blog is finally available!

The OGI has been growing in leaps and bounds and is fast approaching a total of 370,000 data sets.  A data set can include a small list of graves, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of names and events.  

The OGI is the largest index of family history data for England, Wales and now the Isle of Man online!  It is also the most complete index of the International Genealogical Index (IGI) anywhere (more complete than the Hugh Wallis index and the Archer Software version).  The OGI also includes direct links to record collections on FamilySearch where only digital folder numbers are shown (making the OGI the ONLY place online revealing the real content of those collections)

The plan is to add new entries every time an update is made.

News for this week is the unfortunate taking down of Rootsweb sites.  Hopefully, this is a temporary thing while they sort out some security concerns for sites involving accounts.  

The 6000+ Rootsweb links in the OGI will not work but the majority are duplications of other records online for the same places.  I hope that the Rootsweb issue will be fixed very soon and all the links will work as usual.  For now, I have decided to leave them on the site trusting that Ancestry (who own Rootsweb) will get their issues resolved quickly.  Updated info can be seen here:

Plans for 2018:
  1. Add filtering to the search of OGI allowing the user to select the type of results they wish to see, such as Baptism, Marriage, Burial, or a combination.
  2. Continue adding IGI data sets where the current description is unknown (listed as "Details to be Added" on the Archer Software page:
  3. Add links to new record collections on where the individual links are just shown as digital folder numbers.
  4. Send out regular newletters or reminder emails when major updates are made.  These may include the highlighting of new tools/sites available for improving your research.
  5. Improve online marketing of the site (word of mouth has only done so much in 3 years)

Thank you for your interest and use of the site.  I hope it has improved your family history research and allowed you to find elusive ancestors quickly!

Have a great 2018 and I look forward to sharing with you all the latest updates and improvements to the website.

All the photos used on the site are from my own family.  The group of school children includes my grandfather, Charles Herbert Booker.  The wedding photo is my grandparents on my father's side, Ernest Walter Manners and Emily Nancy Beadle.  There is a photo of my uncle Raymond's christening on the Donate page.  

The Online Genealogical Index is my life's work and I want it to be as useful and effective as possible.  Please share your feedback, comments, suggestions and requests by emailing me at  

Thank you for your patronage and to those who have kindly donated in keeping the OGI online and running smoothly.  There are regular costs to keep the domain name and for the hosting company so any help is appreciated.  I hope to serve the genealogical community for many years to come with a site which is simple to use and helpful in finding records for your own families.  

Best wishes and kind regards,

Tim Manners
Creator and Owner